A little bit about me

Some people have reached out to me on Twitter, asking for more information and why I decided to run. I will most likely break this up into multiple posts, but I have some time and wanted to get started. I am someone who was raised and currently still lives in district 136. When I was 6-years old, my parents moved east of Springfield, just off of Farm Road 203, and that is where I spent my childhood. I attended school in Logan Rogersville school district, then earned my Bachelor’s degree at Drury University in Chemistry and Biology. I then attended Missouri State University for graduate school, and where I met my wife. While at MSU, I earned a Master’s degree focused on health promotion and management, while my wife earned her Master’s degree in cell and molecular biology. She then went on to get her Doctorate in Audiology, while I went and worked in population health.

During this time, I became acquainted with the Missouri legislature, advocating multiple times a year for policy change, funding, and more resources for at-risk communities. Throughout discussions with legislators, I realized most of them did not care about the issues I was talking about or did not understand the problem. Neither one of the options was acceptable. About four years ago, I seriously started considering running for district 136, but I decided to pursue my doctoral degree. This fall, I will complete my Doctorate in Education in Health Professions from A.T. Still University College of Graduate Health Studies. With this almost finished, it is an ideal time to run for office, something that I have always wanted to do. I believe that we need representatives who will listen to constituents, educate themselves, and vote for what is best for their district.

Outside of school, work, or campaigning, I am an avid cyclist and love riding around southwest Missouri. I started riding in graduate school and have been riding and racing with a local team for six-years. I also run a small non-profit, a friend and I started called MOSWITCH, which focuses on feeding food-insecure children. I am also on the board of Tobacco Free Missouri, Missouri Council of Activity and Nutrition, a Community Foundation of the Ozarks Affiliate Board, and the Show Me CIT Board. My wife and I are dog parents to two hounds, Trixie and Bowser, but we are expecting our first child this summer.

I look forward to meeting everyone in district 136, and hopefully representing this district in the legislature.

If you would like to donate to my campaign, follow the ActBlue link below. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/shawnhaydenfor136




Doctoral Candidate at A.T. Still University, Missouri House District 136 candidate, dog dad, almost a human dad, bike racer, and watch collector.

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Shawn Hayden

Shawn Hayden

Doctoral Candidate at A.T. Still University, Missouri House District 136 candidate, dog dad, almost a human dad, bike racer, and watch collector.

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